We believe it is through our stories that we heal.


Collectively.  And individually, as well.  

Each of us holds one small thread of the larger tapestry - the unfolding Human Story.  

And perhaps, together - by sharing, listening, telling and bearing witness to the truths we all contain - we can mend the small corner we've been granted.  

We can gradually - one tale a time - stitch the pieces back together.

So join us.

Pull up a chair.

Pour a glass.

And listen.



Who are these gals?

Get to know the voices behind the Mic.  

The poet, the mama(s), the wayward Anthropologist & the lapsed drama-geek.

The Vision & the Vim that brings us to your ears.

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season One

In this season of MEND we start digging in our own backyards.

 Beneath the stereotypes and sensationalized portrayals of criminals, greed and environmental destruction - to the origins of Humboldt County’s marijuana culture: 

The back-to-the-landers, the activists, the families, the farmers, and the medicine makers.  

In a landscape that is rapidly shifting, we go back to the beginning.  

To see where we started.  

Where we’ve come thus far.

And hopefully - shed some light on the path that’s yet to come.

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