MEND Season 3 - Episode 60

The Art of Healing with Salina Shelton

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When you do any work inside the online space, you’re often asked to work with what’s called “an ideal client or customer avatar”.  

This is where you get super-duper clear and specific about WHO you are here to help.  The idea being, that as you move forward, talking about what you do and how you do it - you will be speaking in the vernacular of this ideal client.  

Your words will land and resonate with the exact type of person you hope to be working with and, consequently, your work will become JOYOUS.  

Because you will have attracted to you people whose own work is powerful and meaningful and whom you deeply love supporting.  

People who will take up the tools you are offering them and hit the ground running.

People who bring their own unique wisdom and depth and tenacity to the work that you do together, and thereby will transform this coaching relationship from one of mentor and mentee - to more of a rich, symbiotic co-creation.  A collaboration.

If you are have done one or two things right, and are very lucky - you may attract someone like this to your work.  

So, I come to you today feeling incredibly lucky.  

My guest this week is Salina Shelton - whom I have had the great joy of serving and supporting as a coaching client.

Salina is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board Certified Art Therapist, living and working in the great state of Texas.   She specializes in working with individuals and families experiencing chronic pain.  Coming from a Biopsychosocial model, she integrates the many areas of life that chronic pain affects including physical limitations, self-image, and personal relationships. Salina utilizes art therapy, mindfulness, and EMDR to help her clients reach their goals.

We talk about the work that she does and how it impacts the pathways in the brain and nervous system differently than traditional talk therapy.  We discuss what it is to move from a place of beauty & play as a route to healing - rather than healing as stringent, painful and difficult work.  

We talk about the role of spirituality and mindfulness inside her work as well, and Salina graciously shares some of her favorite exercises and tools from her own therapeutic practice for us to try on for size.  

And speaks also about the way she has giving back  baked into her practice and business model.  And why that is essential to the type of work that she does.  

I hope you enjoy this delightful and instructive conversation as much as I did.  

From my own perspective, as a holistic coach ( and honestly, I still bristle at the word coach most days  - I wish there was a more fitting term… lemme know if you find one!) I see my role as one of support player.  

To help YOU do the beautiful work you are doing in this world - with more vigor, more depth & more longevity.  What an honor and a privilege to be with wise, generous and world-changing women like Salina. And doubly so, to get to turn around - and share her work - with all of you.  

Make sure to check the show notes to find out more and to explore 1 or 2 of the ideas put forth today. And if you or anyone you know is living in the great state of Texas, and in need of some support and care - how you can reach out and connect with Salina and her work for yourself.

As always, may these words and ideas buoy and support you in your own great efforts - and remind you of the great thread you carry.

Thanks for being here.  

MEND Season 1 - Episode 22

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Some times you need to take a knee.  

Some days you need to go deep into your yin.

The pause.

To sit with the questions though the answers seem none-too-soon-in-coming.

This week is such a week.  

Anne & I took this moment to ready ourselves for our big TALK with the intrepid Steve DeAngelo - the subject of next week's forthcoming episode.

We'll be talking to Steve about his book - The Cannabis Manifesto - why he chose to pursue Entrepreneurship as his own path to Activism & what he's learned inside his 40+ years as a rabble-rouser, community organizer, leader & voice against Prohibition.  Plus his work inside Harborside Health Center, in Oakland, CA, as well.

As an added bonus to our loyal listeners, though this talk is scheduled to take place tomorrow, let us know if there's some burning questions you'd like to have answered.

We've got our own list of go-to's and entreaties we'd love to hear more about, but this is a great opportunity to get some personal Q&A's fielded by one of the leading experts in the Cannabis field.

Pop us a line over @

Mention Steve DeAngelo in the subject line.

And be sure to get them into us by 10 AM (PST), Wednesday, October 4th.

For now, may this give you an opportunity to catch up on some other listening, some back episodes you've yet to finish, or to start an awesome project all your own.

Thanks, as ever, for being a part of this community with us.

For being a voice.

And for keeping the Conversation rolling.



The Cannabis Manifesto Book

Harborside Health Center 

MEND Season 1 -Episode 17

With Gillian & the humboldt apothecary.jpg

The Modern-Day Medicine Chest

Welcome to episode 17 here inside this first season of MEND - where we spend some time both with the originators and pioneers of Humboldt County’s Cannabis Scene but also spend some time getting to know some of the innovators, entrepreneurs, activists, farmers, and more who are helping to shape the Future of this Industry and our Region.

We truly enjoyed sitting down with Gillian - a resident of Humboldt County since 1995, who initially moved here from SEattle to be a part of the Intentional Community at Black Bear Ranch and to escape some of the urban trappings of modern life

She eventually went on to get her degree in Biology & Botany at HSU, and for the past 3 years has been one half of the heart and head behind the biz Humboldt Apothecary  - a medicinal cannabis brand that specializes in CBD-heavy tinctures and formulas, blended with other complementary and synergistic herbs to treat a variety of ailments.  

She tells us about her own path to entrepreneurship - from growing a business with a meer $1500 worth of startup capital to its’ present day iteration - operating across all of California and distribution of over 200 dispensaries statewide

On starting small and using what you have and growing from there.  

On the importance of community not only to help jettison her own business into its current state but also on the quintessential role she sees of continuing to craft cooperatives, community and cooperation across the board if the small, legacy farmer is to stay afloat in the current tidal wave of industry we see today

We talk about the high costs of coming into compliance - both on a very real financial level but on the bigger cultural plane as well

She takes us a bit down the road of her own journey from plant lover, herbalist, and botany-geek to full-fledged businesswoman, the co-creator of a thriving brand - and the steps and shifts it took to move into those roles.

And we find herein another call to Keep it Local - even as the stakes, the market and the money seem to scale ever more global - She stresses the importance of sourcing locally, organically - and staying community minded - as Humboldt County works to extend its output, its’ influence and it’s brand - ever outward.  

There are some of us who will not be able to make the leap.

Who, as small-scale, mom-and-pop farmers and low-level black-market sellers, - were able to care for and feed their families - contribute to their communities - but may not have the wherewithal, the start-up capital, nor the desire - to enter into this brave new world of branding, testing, licensing and so much more…

But herein we glimpse a blueprint and singular scenario - of one such woman making that leap.

And wherever you choose to turn - either toward this new wave - or off into some new enterprise & adventure altogether - may you be inspired and heartened by what you hear.

The leap - if it calls to you - is worth the taking.  

To find out more about Gillian, her work, and the formulations she makes as part of Humboldt Apothecary, visit: