MEND Season 3 - Episode 55

A Legacy of Love with Desiree Adaway


What is the purpose of a podcast?

I ask myself this - some weeks - when the kiddo’s at home - and needing to be entertained - and daddy’s sick and needing to log some quiet hours on the couch - and the dog needs to get taken to the vet for mysterious coughing - and it’s a classic case of #AllTheThings at once - and I’m wondering why I put this thing upon myself - to put more content out into an already noisy world - and though some folks have figured out how to turn these little conversation platforms into a great marketing tool, I’ve learned along the way - that’s really not my bag - and  - and-and-and….

I wonder - what is the purpose?  What is it for?

And then I sit down to talk with a woman - on the other side of the world - or the country - some of whom I know I will never get to meet in person - and yet here we are - chatting on the other side of a screen - through the magic of technology - sharing conversation about things like - undoing systemic racism, confronting patriarchy and replacing our current modes and systems with one that is based upon love - and what we want our legacies to be - and how do we begin the overwhelming task of showing up differently inside this world - and leaving a better one for our children than the one we inherited - and after an hour or so I get so filled up with hope and life and inspiration that I remember - This - THIS! - is the purpose.

To hold space for such conversations to happen.

And to share them with you  - so that the good work and words and knowledge - go back out into the ether - and raise us all up a bit more.

Hearten us.

And encourage us to keep going - keep moving - and striving - and loving - and changing - and calling bullshit - and creating new names and ideas and structures out there in the corners of the world we each inhabit - I am reminded - in conversations like this one - that it starts with a single thread - and the tapestry can start to be undone - and crafted anew.  

This week, I had the great pleasure of sitting down to talk with Desiree Adaway.  

A consultant, trainer, coach and speaker with over 20 years experience creating, leading and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries.

Desiree is the head of The Adaway Group  - a black woman owned consulting firm that brings together multi-racial teams to work on projects related to equity, inclusion and social justice.

Through her work with individuals, groups, organizations & through her online programs, she helps aspiring leaders in waking up to and prioritizing the education, tools and relationships needed to become a force for change.

I have been following Desiree and her work online for awhile now and was so excited to get the chance to sit down and hear more about her work - and also the vision that she holds - inside this space.  

This is a woman who has been on this path, doing this work, for some time now - and as she says - will continue to show up and do this work - far after the time when the notion of social justice has faded from public view.  

Her words are charged with experience and depth.

And I felt myself elevated simply after an hour in her presence.

And I hope you’ll feel the same.

To find out more about her work, make sure to check the show notes.