MEND Season 3 - Episode 53

Traveling Home with Billie LightWalker


In my conversations this year, I am looking to luminaries, yes.

So grateful to be sitting down with people in this world who are moving powerfully inside of it to counter the dominant culture and are sparking new and dynamic ways for us to move forward as a species.  

We need those lights right now.

We need them up there - elevated in the either - front and center - holding the mic - writing the books - crafting the movements - and engaging in the larger conversations.

And we also needs the lights here on the ground.

The you’s and the me’s and the ordinary people nestled around us, choosing to live in an extraordinary way.  

We need to be reminded,  I believe, that it is not just for professional movers and shakers to shift the fabric of this time.

It is for us, as well.

WE can be that light for one another.

WE can tend the flame.  

WE can re-write the script - using whatever humble language we possess.

So, it is with this spirit in mind - that I am pleased to share this conversation with you today.  

I first met Billie LightWalker  - the matriarch of a travelling family of 4 - several years ago, as they were journeying through the West Coast.  

I was enchanted by their spirit - as in THEY - this whole family’s got great energy, man.  

It’s effervescent and contagious.

And moved by the humble yet beautiful way that they were choosing to move through this world.  

Billie sat down with me  - from her current home across the sea - to talk about her life - and that of her family - making home away from home.  

We talked about letting go - of what we actually release (and create space for) when we do the hard thing of bidding our sweet earthly treasures goodbye.

We talked about ritual and creating sacred space - wherever you may find yourself.

We talked about borders - the ones we carry inside our own colonized minds and the ones we construct out in the world.  And what it looks like to move past those.

We talked about the nitty-gritty of making a gorgeous, bohemian lifestyle actually work - when there’s no trustfund or sexy, Instagram influencer, corporate-sponsor bank in sight.

We talked about raising children who are at home in the world - not just in a given place, state or nation.  

And Billie graciously reveals the number one thing you must absolutely have when traveling.  

Although this story may seem far off the beaten path for many of us, I wanted to share their journey here because I believe it can serve as a potent reminder to all of us.  The rules are not set in stone. We are the creators of this life, and, as Billie reminds us - our first contract we must live by is the one we carry in our own, wise heart.

There are other  ways of moving through this life than the one that’s been conscripted to us

There is a way to be free.

And sometimes, that exodus starts just by dropping in and listening to the path someone else has taken to get there.