MEND Season 2 - Episode 39

Intellectual Capital with Sandy Connery & Jennifer Barcelos


In an effort to retain balance and a multi-sided conversation…especially after our episode on Experiential Capital and our seemingly harsh criticism of the screen and what lies behind it….we step into the tech world to speak with two women who have created their careers in the tech industry.  

Jennifer is an attorney, a change-maker, a mother and an entrepreneur. 

Sandy is also a mother and previsouly spent two decades in footwear and gait analysis. 

Together they have created Namastream, a software for wellness professionals, and also co-host The Soulful MBA podcast.

Our conversation delves into the world of the internet, social media and online learning…is there soul to be found there?  Is there a way to use this space for good?  How do we, especially as women, step into this male dominated realm and create or find our strengths and power, while keeping our integrity and our heart.

These women present us with the very convincing suggestion that technology is a pathway for women to share their teaching, one that gives them an opportunity to access their power,but also offer advice on how to not get consumed by the dominant voice.

We talk the 9-5 work schedule and why to throw it out the window,

How to teach our children about learning on the internet,

How to value the work that we as women bring to the community,

And ultimately how to run a tech company and still have time in the day to hunt for morel mushrooms…

More about these insightful women and the work that they do can be found at, there you can learn about the software they have created, read their blogs, and listen to episodes of their podcast, The Soulful MBA.  

These women have shown us that despite the many negative aspects one can argue that exist with the Internet, there are also many ways to use the space wisely, and with soul.