MEND Season 3 - Episode 49

Conversations with My Sister


Welcome to one of the most stripped-down episodes yet here on the podcast.

No formal introductions.

No poetry at the end.

No calls to rate or review or join us in some other little pocket of the inter webs.

Just a conversation between two women who are infinitely grateful to have each other.

To share some blood and history and vision of the type of world we want to inhabit.

As come into the holidays, with all the drama that can ensue….

At a moment where we, as a nation, are deeply divided and losing the ability to engage meaningfully and compassionately with those outside our ideological comfort zones…

Where the larger tumult operating in the world seems endless and far beyond the scope of ordinary human beings…

Sometimes, it is best to sit down across the table with someone whom you love.

To break bread.

Put on the kettle.

Un-cork the bottle.

Shut the damn devices down and remember what it is to share in something basic & beautiful with another soul.

To move inside the cadence of Ease & Delight for a moment.

Soak in the energy of kindness and enjoyment for a bit.

I see you.

I delight in you.

I honor what is best and brightest and good in you.

I pledge my ears, my hands, my heart, my body to you when you have need.

My love for you is free and it is comes in the form of Actions, never just words.

My life is bound up in yours. My joys and sorrows, as well.

This holiday, may we each be granted the chance to commune with those for whom these truths unfurl freely.

Where this type of love overflows in great abundance and to whom we can say these things without pause or objection.

May we practice Loving Deeply where it is Easy this week.

So that, moving forward, we may flex this Love Muscle with the times, places & people - where it is hard.

I wish you a beautiful week with those you love.

May it anchor you inside that energy for the time to come.