MEND Season 3 - Episode 60

The Art of Healing with Salina Shelton

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When you do any work inside the online space, you’re often asked to work with what’s called “an ideal client or customer avatar”.  

This is where you get super-duper clear and specific about WHO you are here to help.  The idea being, that as you move forward, talking about what you do and how you do it - you will be speaking in the vernacular of this ideal client.  

Your words will land and resonate with the exact type of person you hope to be working with and, consequently, your work will become JOYOUS.  

Because you will have attracted to you people whose own work is powerful and meaningful and whom you deeply love supporting.  

People who will take up the tools you are offering them and hit the ground running.

People who bring their own unique wisdom and depth and tenacity to the work that you do together, and thereby will transform this coaching relationship from one of mentor and mentee - to more of a rich, symbiotic co-creation.  A collaboration.

If you are have done one or two things right, and are very lucky - you may attract someone like this to your work.  

So, I come to you today feeling incredibly lucky.  

My guest this week is Salina Shelton - whom I have had the great joy of serving and supporting as a coaching client.

Salina is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board Certified Art Therapist, living and working in the great state of Texas.   She specializes in working with individuals and families experiencing chronic pain.  Coming from a Biopsychosocial model, she integrates the many areas of life that chronic pain affects including physical limitations, self-image, and personal relationships. Salina utilizes art therapy, mindfulness, and EMDR to help her clients reach their goals.

We talk about the work that she does and how it impacts the pathways in the brain and nervous system differently than traditional talk therapy.  We discuss what it is to move from a place of beauty & play as a route to healing - rather than healing as stringent, painful and difficult work.  

We talk about the role of spirituality and mindfulness inside her work as well, and Salina graciously shares some of her favorite exercises and tools from her own therapeutic practice for us to try on for size.  

And speaks also about the way she has giving back  baked into her practice and business model.  And why that is essential to the type of work that she does.  

I hope you enjoy this delightful and instructive conversation as much as I did.  

From my own perspective, as a holistic coach ( and honestly, I still bristle at the word coach most days  - I wish there was a more fitting term… lemme know if you find one!) I see my role as one of support player.  

To help YOU do the beautiful work you are doing in this world - with more vigor, more depth & more longevity.  What an honor and a privilege to be with wise, generous and world-changing women like Salina. And doubly so, to get to turn around - and share her work - with all of you.  

Make sure to check the show notes to find out more and to explore 1 or 2 of the ideas put forth today. And if you or anyone you know is living in the great state of Texas, and in need of some support and care - how you can reach out and connect with Salina and her work for yourself.

As always, may these words and ideas buoy and support you in your own great efforts - and remind you of the great thread you carry.

Thanks for being here.  

MEND Season 3 - Episode 59

To be. Well. with Amy Day

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“To be great, be whole;
Exclude nothing, exaggerate nothing that is not you.
Be whole in everything. Put all you are
Into the smallest thing you do.
So, in each lake, the moon shines with splendor
Because it blooms up above.” 
― Fernando Pessoa

Welcome back to another solo episode of MEND.

This week, I’m dipping into some of the tools & ideas I travel in inside my coaching practice.

This past week, I launched a small group offering I’m calling be. WELL.

Where we use the practices & lens of yoga to look at Wellness from a holistic perspective.

What does it mean to be well?

What does it mean to define our wellness by another’s standard, prototype or idea?

Can we even attain true wellness if our entry point is from a place of self-recrimination, self-punishment, self-loathing, & self-disgust? Or must the path we travel bare the same energetic footprint of the destination we are marching toward?

What happens when we start to abscond with another’s definition of our worth? Our beauty? Our goodness? Our health? What begins to transpire when we create our own definitions, our own rhythms, rituals & support systems around whole-person wellness?

Does it grant us greater energy and presence to live, work, and serve in the larger world? (You can probably guess that one…)

We dip into these questions today & look at a construct within yogic ideology of the layers and facets that make up the Self. And how we nourish and tend to each.

If you’re interested in the work of this course, you may still join us.

You can find out more at:

MEND Season 3 - Episode 58

Facing Tragedy. Finding Hope. with Leah Harris.


It was early last Friday morning and I started getting texts from some of my friends who teach to high school students.

No specifics were mentioned.

But the request. - Prayers.  Thoughts and love.

I need to hold space in a very big way today.

There is some major processing to unfold.  

And so I sent them some words of love and encouragement and some emoji hearts and held them in my thoughts for a moment or so.

Over the course of the next few hours, it would be revealed what had happened.

A student in our local area - a teenager, no older than sophomore year - had ended his life - late Thursday night - at the McKinleyville high school quad.  

And our grief.  And our confusion. And our dismay and our overwhelm and our tears - are only still beginning to pour forth.  

And so I wanted to take a minute today to share some tools and information how best I could, by enlisting a friend of mine who works in this world.

My guest today is Leah Harris.  

Leah is a transformation and storytelling coach, trauma-healing specialist, and activist.  She’s spent the last 20 years of her life devoted to learning everything she can about caring for and navigating her own  wounds, to survive, heal, and more fully share her work with the world.

Leah was born to a single mother, a creative artist with a powerful spirit who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her mother cycled in and out of state hospitals, wandering the streets, hearing voices. And eventually died at the age of 46,  & in Leah’s words, as if often the case of those affected by adversity and mental illness - “She was a brilliant light that was lost far too soon.”

Her father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his youth. He died suddenly at age 63, dealing yet another devastating blow to her family.

As a teenager, Leah was often told that she would be likely to suffer a similar fate to her parents.  And the few places that were available to her for support offered her little more than a system of blame, labeling and heavy medication.  

When she was in her mid twenties, Leah joined up with "survivors and ex-patients," a international human rights and social justice movement that has existed largely on the margins of mainstream attention. For the first time, she met a group of people who understood her experience and shared their own version. She finally felt a part of something larger than herself, a movement for change. This broke down the shame and silence that she had lived with, and was the beginning of reclaiming her own  voice & cultivating her ability to empower and hold space for others navigating their own path through trauma, as well.

This discovery set Leah on a journey of nearly twenty years to discover everything she could about trauma and the various mind-body pathways to healing.

Her mission - as a transformational coach, speaker, writer & advocate - is something we dip into at the end of our talk, and words worth sticking around for.  

Leah is a nationally-recognized trainer and curriculum developer with the  National Center for Trauma-Informed Care. She is also a storytelling mentor, a Life Stories Institute-certified facilitator and a teaching artist in-training with Story District.

You can read more about all of this on her website - which I’ll link to in the show notes.

She also has a page of resources for those coping with trauma, suicidal ideation and those looking for a more holistic, human and empowering approach to grappling with what we call mental illness.  

I wanted to share the voice of this wise and compassionate woman with you today as a way to provide tools, comfort & sage advice for a troubling time.  

Inside this talk, you’ll hear ways to move from dis-empowerment and overwhelm when confronted with trauma.  The best ways to hold space for those who are in the throes of grief or dealing with their own suicidal thoughts.  And why trauma & suicide is so MUCH MORE than just an individual problem - and how we can begin to re-work the narrative around these issues - so that those amongst us who are suffering - the most vulnerable - can find their rightful place inside the healing fold once more.  

First, let me say to the family who is reeling from this.  

I am so deeply sorry.

Words cannot convey.  

May you be surrounded and uplifted and loved and tended during this horrible time.  

May we - your community - provide whatever we can - as far as time, listening, food, childcare, money - whatever it is - so that you may be aided during this very dark moment in your life.  

Let not just our prayers and hearts go with you - but our actions too.  

May we meet you with love - that is active and strong enough to meet you in your need.

To the child who no longer wished to be a part of this world - my darling - my darling - I never knew you.  

But my heart aches for you.

I pray you rest in freedom in this moment.

I pray that -wherever you are - you know joy, and peace, and a deep, felt sense of belonging and LOVE - that this world was unable to provide you.  

I pray - and trust - that you are now released from the ties that bound you in this life.

And to us - who may not know how to show up inside this difficult moment - with all the other problems facing us - both individually - and as a culture - as a planet….  

This is not isolated.

This is not just a malfunctioning of brain chemistry or an individual incident.

This is an opportunity to do better.

To move that one step closer to creating a culture where the most vulnerable and sensitive among us do not want to leave.  

I have been that vulnerable child.

I have been that person contemplating an early exit strategy - on more than one occasion.

And more than likely, you know someone who struggles to live inside this world, as well.

So, let this mark a turning point for us today.

To gather our love.

To gather our resources.

Our energy - our vision - our skills and our time - to enter into brave & compassionate space and conversation with one another - around difficult topics.  

Ready to to difficult things.

In order to make this world a more just, loving & inhabitable one - for us all.  

MEND Season 3 - Episode 57

Finding your WHY with Amy Day

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Thank you for your forbearance during this last, little unscheduled absence. As you’ll hear inside the episode, I’ve been needing some time to rest. To renew. To step away and remember the bigger picture behind all this busy-ness of Life. The WHY of this project and of all I’ve chosen to step into.

So, now. Back. Behind the mic and the laptop.

Ready to step into the next iteration of this project and to share with you…

*some of the talk I gave awhile back ago at the local Unitarian Universalist Fellowship - on TRUST. On trusting the role you have to play in the larger web of this Life. No matter how small. On honoring and steadfastly weaving the unique thread that you carry. On stepping in - All In - armed with intention, skill & vision - to the work, projects, relationships & even play - to which you are called. And Why it matters.

Just me - talking briefly about the work of engaged spirituality. And the reminder that we never truly know at the outset what the end result of our actions will be. The seeds we plant may be humble. Simply providing a lush path for others to step onto. Some of them may bloom in a mighty and prolific way. But we need to keep planting. Keep tilling. Keep scattering seeds. And it is not to us to determine how they will grow.

And if you find yourself in a quagmire, as I was not too long ago - lacking energy, lacking momentum, vision, JOY. Come back to your own great WHY. The vision that fuels all the tiny what’s and how’s and when’s inside your everyday. How do they line up? And are the actions of your daily life - really & truly - feeding into the bigger picture you seek?


To find out more about the things/links/communities/resources mentioned on today’s show, visit:

  • - for coaching, yoga, and a little virtual hug from yours’ truly.

  • HUUF - the Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, where I gave the talk and where the work of Engaged Spirituality really shows up.


MEND Season 3 - Episode 56

Any One of Us with Caterina Kein & Vanessa Vrtiak


Awhile back ago, you may remember, I got to speak to my good friend - poet & mother - Therese Fitzmaurice - who is one half of the spoken word collective “A Reason to Listen”, a grass-roots, Humboldt grown poetry collective.  

This month, I had the great pleasure of sitting down with the other half of this force for good in the Universe - ms. Vanessa Vrtiak.  Vanessa is a poet, social worker, and activist. She has self published 5 books of poetry, and is co-founder of A Reason to Listen. She has a MA in Public Sociology, and her thesis is titled: Reintegration in a Rural Community: Strengths, Barriers, and Recommendations for Reentry in Humboldt County.

In the weeks to come, Vanessa will be directing a play here locally on the North Coast.  Her 6th one in total, penned by the prodigious Eve Ensler - this one entitled - Any One Of Us - Words from Women in Prison.  

This play is a a collection of stories from formerly and currently incarcerated women from across the nation whose aim is toward healing, understanding, and change with the goal of using their writing and voices to impact policy, laws and treatment of incarcerated women. Together these writings reveal the deep connection between women in prison and the violence that often brings them there.

I sat down to speak with both Vanessa - and the lovely and articulate Caterina Kein - who has a background in criminal justice and works as part of the philanthropy program at St. Joseph’s hospital in Eureka, CA - and is also one of the actors for this production.  

Together, we spent about an hour talking about the sytemic issues women face both in and outside the system.  The culturall biases and hurdles they face when they go to re-enter society.

And - perhaps - most importantly - what we can do - inside our small, daily actions - to shine a light - and shift the landscape inside this portion of the world.  

We talked about the bridge between Art & Action.

And overcoming & dismantling the narratives we’ve inherited & creating new ones not only for ourselves - but for those who have been caught inside, penalized and degraded by a system - whose aim on paper is said to be that of Rehabilitation.  

But in actuality, can often be anything but.

I urge you to sit with these wise women.

To take a moment to invite their stories to land isnide your heart.

I invite you to carve out an evening to go see this play and to sit inside the brave space that they’ve created for us all to collectively share for the night.

It is inside these spaces we glimpse what is possible.

It is inside these moments, we catch a spark of what can be.  

We open ourselves to new possibilities.

We allow ourselves to be broken open so that something new can be born.

I want to thank these two powerful women for sitting and talking with me for an hour - and for the wonderful work they are doing in our local world.

May these words inspire and hearten you.  

May they do what Art does best - namely - create a catalyst for change first inside your own heart - that fans from there - out into the waking world.  

MEND Season 3 - Episode 55

A Legacy of Love with Desiree Adaway


What is the purpose of a podcast?

I ask myself this - some weeks - when the kiddo’s at home - and needing to be entertained - and daddy’s sick and needing to log some quiet hours on the couch - and the dog needs to get taken to the vet for mysterious coughing - and it’s a classic case of #AllTheThings at once - and I’m wondering why I put this thing upon myself - to put more content out into an already noisy world - and though some folks have figured out how to turn these little conversation platforms into a great marketing tool, I’ve learned along the way - that’s really not my bag - and  - and-and-and….

I wonder - what is the purpose?  What is it for?

And then I sit down to talk with a woman - on the other side of the world - or the country - some of whom I know I will never get to meet in person - and yet here we are - chatting on the other side of a screen - through the magic of technology - sharing conversation about things like - undoing systemic racism, confronting patriarchy and replacing our current modes and systems with one that is based upon love - and what we want our legacies to be - and how do we begin the overwhelming task of showing up differently inside this world - and leaving a better one for our children than the one we inherited - and after an hour or so I get so filled up with hope and life and inspiration that I remember - This - THIS! - is the purpose.

To hold space for such conversations to happen.

And to share them with you  - so that the good work and words and knowledge - go back out into the ether - and raise us all up a bit more.

Hearten us.

And encourage us to keep going - keep moving - and striving - and loving - and changing - and calling bullshit - and creating new names and ideas and structures out there in the corners of the world we each inhabit - I am reminded - in conversations like this one - that it starts with a single thread - and the tapestry can start to be undone - and crafted anew.  

This week, I had the great pleasure of sitting down to talk with Desiree Adaway.  

A consultant, trainer, coach and speaker with over 20 years experience creating, leading and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries.

Desiree is the head of The Adaway Group  - a black woman owned consulting firm that brings together multi-racial teams to work on projects related to equity, inclusion and social justice.

Through her work with individuals, groups, organizations & through her online programs, she helps aspiring leaders in waking up to and prioritizing the education, tools and relationships needed to become a force for change.

I have been following Desiree and her work online for awhile now and was so excited to get the chance to sit down and hear more about her work - and also the vision that she holds - inside this space.  

This is a woman who has been on this path, doing this work, for some time now - and as she says - will continue to show up and do this work - far after the time when the notion of social justice has faded from public view.  

Her words are charged with experience and depth.

And I felt myself elevated simply after an hour in her presence.

And I hope you’ll feel the same.

To find out more about her work, make sure to check the show notes.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 54

Creating this Life with Therese Fitzmaurice


What is the role of the artist within society?

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately to this effect.  

One thing I do is volunteer on the fundraising board at my daughter’s school to help ensure that the gardening, music & visual art programs (and the hardworking teachers who provide and share these gifts) can continue to be funded.  

It speaks deeply to what we value as a culture.

What we give time, money, energy and attention to - and what we choose to divest from.  

And we know - that training in these areas - enhances other areas of learning, brain function & productivity.  

We know that handing a child a lump of clay makes them better problem solvers and instills innate confidence in their own ability to fashion things of their own design.  

We know that music teaches cultural appreciation, improves hand-eye-coordination, concentration & ability to work collaboratively.

We know that gardening builds up immunity, teaches about the natural systems in which we exist & instills a deep reverence for the Earth.

And yet we consistently devalue these things.  

This week, I sat down with my beloved friend - plus teacher, mentor & poet - Therese Fitzmaurice - to talk about placing value on ART within the context of the larger world.  

Therese is the co-founder of the much beloved, 10-years-strong Humboldt Poetry show - what she describes as “poetry church” - an open mic experience that happens the first Thursday of each month in our local area and is open to all.  (Make sure to check the show notes for more details.) She has self-published a volume of her poetry, as well as produced an album of her work in collaboration with other local artists and musicians (of which I am happy to say I am one.  More on that later.)

In addition to her work as a poet and performer, Therese has served the community for sixteen years as a professional educator as high school English teacher, preschool director and parent educator. After studying at University of San Francisco's Center for Teaching and Social Justice, Therese earned a teaching credential at Humboldt State University.  She has since closely studied the explosion of mindfulness research and its relevant application to education, family life and art.

Therese and I sat down to talk about…

Writing as a spiritual practice.

And assigning value to those things in our life and world - that do not bring status or wealth along with them.

The practices she regularly engages in to clarify her own path and priorities in this life.

And the role of the Art and the Artist with in the health and life of a community, as well.

As all things she touches, this conversation is full of warmth and insight.

And it gave me the necessary impetus to value & reclaim the less tangible resources I possess within my own life.

I hope for you it will do the same.

As you know, it is our habit here at MEND to include a piece of spoken word or poetry at the end of these talks.

So, today, I invite you to stick around if you can till the end - where Therese shares a recording of her work - and I get the fun task of singing along in the background as well.  

Another example of what can transpire - when we endeavor to live deliberately - when we choose to prioritize that which noruishes us and feeds us and fulfills us - and invite others to do the same.

There is no limit to the value - and the beauty that we can create inside that space.  

MEND Season 3 - Episode 53

Traveling Home with Billie LightWalker


In my conversations this year, I am looking to luminaries, yes.

So grateful to be sitting down with people in this world who are moving powerfully inside of it to counter the dominant culture and are sparking new and dynamic ways for us to move forward as a species.  

We need those lights right now.

We need them up there - elevated in the either - front and center - holding the mic - writing the books - crafting the movements - and engaging in the larger conversations.

And we also needs the lights here on the ground.

The you’s and the me’s and the ordinary people nestled around us, choosing to live in an extraordinary way.  

We need to be reminded,  I believe, that it is not just for professional movers and shakers to shift the fabric of this time.

It is for us, as well.

WE can be that light for one another.

WE can tend the flame.  

WE can re-write the script - using whatever humble language we possess.

So, it is with this spirit in mind - that I am pleased to share this conversation with you today.  

I first met Billie LightWalker  - the matriarch of a travelling family of 4 - several years ago, as they were journeying through the West Coast.  

I was enchanted by their spirit - as in THEY - this whole family’s got great energy, man.  

It’s effervescent and contagious.

And moved by the humble yet beautiful way that they were choosing to move through this world.  

Billie sat down with me  - from her current home across the sea - to talk about her life - and that of her family - making home away from home.  

We talked about letting go - of what we actually release (and create space for) when we do the hard thing of bidding our sweet earthly treasures goodbye.

We talked about ritual and creating sacred space - wherever you may find yourself.

We talked about borders - the ones we carry inside our own colonized minds and the ones we construct out in the world.  And what it looks like to move past those.

We talked about the nitty-gritty of making a gorgeous, bohemian lifestyle actually work - when there’s no trustfund or sexy, Instagram influencer, corporate-sponsor bank in sight.

We talked about raising children who are at home in the world - not just in a given place, state or nation.  

And Billie graciously reveals the number one thing you must absolutely have when traveling.  

Although this story may seem far off the beaten path for many of us, I wanted to share their journey here because I believe it can serve as a potent reminder to all of us.  The rules are not set in stone. We are the creators of this life, and, as Billie reminds us - our first contract we must live by is the one we carry in our own, wise heart.

There are other  ways of moving through this life than the one that’s been conscripted to us

There is a way to be free.

And sometimes, that exodus starts just by dropping in and listening to the path someone else has taken to get there.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 52

Seeding the Light to Come with adrienne maree brown


If you’ve listened long enough, you’ve heard this show go through various incarnations and iterations.

Moving into some interesting rabbit trails and seeking to find it’s footing in the larger world.

And as this new year begins - and I anchor more deeply into what I want my own work and legacy and path and service to be and become - I get a clearer sense of what this tiny platform is and can be.

A tiny light.

A way to cast hope, clarity, direction, inspiration, information & guidance into an often dark & deeply distracted age.

A way to call us back to ourselves - as wise, compassionate and brilliant beings.

Resilient and connected beyond measure.

THIS is the gift of this work and this platform and the conversations herein.

So, it is with this heart in mind - that I am beyond pleased to bring you the first conversation of 2019  - an interview with adrienne maree brown.

adrienne is the author of Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds and the co-editor of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements. She is a writer, social justice facilitator, pleasure activist, healer and doula living in Detroit.

She also, along with her sister Autumn Brown, creates a podcast of her own, How to Survive the End of the World - which I highly reccomend.

At the end of last year, adrienne and i sat down to talk about her work inside Emergent Strategy - and dipped a bit into the work ofher upcoming book - Pleasure Activism.

We discussed the many roles and duties she carries out in service of this larger work and the non-linear way her career and callings have iterated over the years to bring to where she is today.

We dropped into conversation about mushrooms and birch trees - and gaining insight & direction from the natural world - on things like reclaiming our earthworm nature, our fungal nature & underground nature, as well.

We talked about call-out culture and whether or not it’s really getting us to where we ultimately want to be.

A bit about what it means to be a WOE - in adrienne’s vernacular - and the mechanics of real, transformative relationship in real tim

We talked about  what it actually takes to create long-term, systematic change - just a hint -  it’s not what you think.

A spiritual practice to engage on - of all places - social media.

And lastly, this white woman got schooled on the sacred being-ness of Beyonce.  

As with all things she does, this conversation with adrienne was deep, wide-ranging, hugely pleasurable and insightful on a grand scale.

To find out more about adrienne and her work, please make sure to check the show notes.

To connect with me - your host - Amy Day - a bit more - ask questions, spark up a conversation, and let me know how this lands in your world - feel free to drop me a line - either via a review in itunes, or over at

Thank you for listening.

Thank you for doing your own great work in this world, holding fast your own great THREAD.

We need you so.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 51

Undoing Consumer Spirituality with Kat Kim


If you are anything like me, you grew up thoroughly steeped in the religious and spiritual lineage your parents subscribed to during this time of year.  

You sang the hymns, read the stories, recited the verses and enacted the little play each year with cardboard cutout sheep and nose-picking wise men and usually a well-swaddled Baby Alive doll to stand for the Christ child.

Maybe, like me, at a certain point, you absconded with the cultural, religious and spiritual narrative you inherited.  Rejected this anglo, narrow-minded Savior. And yearned for a way to connect with this season in your own rite. Enact rituals, stories and songs that spoke to your own heart, your own values and carried forth a wisdom tradition you could solidly support.

Cuz after all, in the absence of the sacred, what exactly are we left with?  Santa Claus?

In an effort to replace the consumer narrative, I came upon the great work of  Kat Kim. Kat is a spiritual teacher and coach who is here to serve the Spiritual Nonconformist, the misfit, & the misunderstood.

In other words, a changemaker.

For over ten years she’s applied what she knows about behavioral change and spiritual transformation to help her clients create radical, nonconformist change in their lives.

With an approach  based on Hermetic Philosophy, New Thought teachings, and the wisdom passed down through the ages by Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

(And Chomsky. Can't forget Chomsky.), she helps dreamers and doers who find themselves holding back or playing small reclaim an unshakeable faith  - both in who they are and what they’re here to do.

I spoke to Kat, in particular, about her deep analysis around what she has come to call “Consumer Spirituality - The New Cultural Addiction”.  

Over the course of our chat, Kat did a brilliant job of breaking down the different parts and components of this thread - and also, and perhaps, more importantly - helped to illuminate the ways in which we - as individuals, consumers and creators of ritual and culture and tradition in this world - can do our own work to disrupt this current trend.  

How we can re-attach to the sacred  - in a way that holds meaning and vitality to us.

How we can disrupt the scarcity and lack model that rampant consumerism thrives upon.

And how we can reclaim our birthright - as sentient, conscious and divinely creative beings - in an age that would have us believe we are only as bright or brilliant as the items we flash and carry.

One of the great gifts of this podcast is that it provides me the excuse to seek out conversations with strong, wise women.  I spend an hour or so in their presence and feel my heart, mind and spirit elevated for days after, as a result.

And I press record.  

And get to share the experience with you all, hopefully, as well.

May these words empower you to drop the stories that no longer serve.

To abandon the traditions that empty your wallet - and worse - bankrupt your heart.  

May they empower you to step more deeply into your own work, analysis and culture re-construction.   Pick up the thread. Set it to to motion. In the way that You - alone - are called to do.

Thanks for being here.

You can find out more about Kat at her website -

Make sure to click on her blog to read the full, brilliant piece on consumer spiritaulity.

And be srue to leave a rating and review in iTunes if these words have stirred something in you.

Or drop me a line at and share your story.

We are living in a moment where almost everyting now has been broken open.

How will you tend to the mending - step in - and do the work that is needed at this time?

MEND Season 3 - Episode 50

The Ashes & The Phoenix with Heather Heintz


I hope the holidays went well for you.  I hope the conversations were life-affirming.  The food and rituals, too.

And if not… perhaps the holiday hangover left you with just enough “ick” to help seed a new way of doing things differently next year.  

A new way of crafting ritual and meaning and conjuring celebration.  

I think it’s important to remember as we move into the staid rhythm of the holidays that the traditions our mainstream, consumer-driven culture are steeped in… are only suggestions… not written in stone templates that we must follow.  

So, if the over-eating and the over-spending and the numbing out with too much booze and shopping and sugar - doesn’t really sit with you - let this be an invitation - to create something that DOES.  

But that’s not what I want to talk about with you today.

Today, I am deeply excited and honored to bring you a conversation that actually got recorded nearly a year ago.  

At the time, I was offering a small online course around the different faces of the Goddess.  Each month, we worked with the energy and mythology of a different archetype. Using each as a way to cozy up to a different aspect of our own divinity, our own depth, our own shadow.  Our own Light.

The month this talk was recorded, we were channeling the energy of the goddess Dhumavati.  A crone goddess who looks anything but. In pictures we see her seated among the ashes, her face and hands covered in soot.  We see her leaning on a delapidated, old wooden cart that has no horse. No bull. Nothing to carry it forward. We see her in rags, her face deeply lined and wearing the full marks of her age.  

What is her boon, you ask?  

Why did we choose to sit inside the metaphorical ashes with her?

What did we hope to learn?

To answer this, I invited my teacher - Heather Heintz - to come on the call.  

Heather is a long-time yogi, mama & Buddhist Chaplain, living and working on the Big Island of Hawaii.  

I first met her a decade and a half ago when I started going to her little home-built studio - Balancing Monkey - on Mohouli St - and fell in love with the practice in earnest.  

Whatever this woman had to teach I wanted to learn.

Years after I had left the Big Island, I continued to read Heather’s words and keep up with her story.  

I watched agape, when, in 2011, she set up a blog called High Five Max.

The mission?

To create a space where she could communicate with and parent her son.   - Max - who, after 8 days in the world, left his body.

Here, Heather recounts the journey she took inside that space with her firstborn son.  The fallout and process of being in and learning from and allowing her Grief - the Ashes - to teach her what they had come to impart.

She talks about the journey this took her on and the work that it has called her to now inside this world.

And , yeah, there’s some yoga chit-chat in there, as well.  

I learned so much rolling out my little sticky mat those happy years in Heather’s studio.

I want to say, I learned immeasurably more, reading her words - her heart - her journey through profound and unfathomable LOSS.  And watching her sift through and clothe herself in those ashes. And emerge - the phoenix - heart burst wide open to hold the whole damn world - and to carry others through those same dark places.  She gave - and continues to give me - and I hope you, as well - a picture of the type of person I want to grow into being and offering this darkened world.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 49

Conversations with My Sister


Welcome to one of the most stripped-down episodes yet here on the podcast.

No formal introductions.

No poetry at the end.

No calls to rate or review or join us in some other little pocket of the inter webs.

Just a conversation between two women who are infinitely grateful to have each other.

To share some blood and history and vision of the type of world we want to inhabit.

As come into the holidays, with all the drama that can ensue….

At a moment where we, as a nation, are deeply divided and losing the ability to engage meaningfully and compassionately with those outside our ideological comfort zones…

Where the larger tumult operating in the world seems endless and far beyond the scope of ordinary human beings…

Sometimes, it is best to sit down across the table with someone whom you love.

To break bread.

Put on the kettle.

Un-cork the bottle.

Shut the damn devices down and remember what it is to share in something basic & beautiful with another soul.

To move inside the cadence of Ease & Delight for a moment.

Soak in the energy of kindness and enjoyment for a bit.

I see you.

I delight in you.

I honor what is best and brightest and good in you.

I pledge my ears, my hands, my heart, my body to you when you have need.

My love for you is free and it is comes in the form of Actions, never just words.

My life is bound up in yours. My joys and sorrows, as well.

This holiday, may we each be granted the chance to commune with those for whom these truths unfurl freely.

Where this type of love overflows in great abundance and to whom we can say these things without pause or objection.

May we practice Loving Deeply where it is Easy this week.

So that, moving forward, we may flex this Love Muscle with the times, places & people - where it is hard.

I wish you a beautiful week with those you love.

May it anchor you inside that energy for the time to come.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 48

Yoga for the Revolution with Carrie Ingoglia


Happy Voting Day!!!!!

If you’ve listened long enough to this show, you know I am a semi-proud member of the woo club.

I’ve drunk the wheat-grass-flavored koolaid and donned the galaxy-themed stretchy pants and played joyous, studious & deeply-driven rounds of solo Twister on my little sticky mat.  

For better or worse, I am a self-identified yogi.

But, as you also may know, I tend to want to throw up some caveats and barriers between me and that crowd.  

Yogis as white, affluent, cis-gendered folks who achieve enlightenment through bettering their handstands.  

Nope.  Not it.

Yogis who, when confronted with the atrocity of gun-violence or police brutality or the proposed erasure of non-binary peoples, prefer to do a little slow-motion disco on their sticky mats, send light & love, and let some other, less spiritual being do the dirty work of confronting this icky bit of humanity.  

Please don’t toss me in this bin.

Yogis who think it’s enough just to concentrate on elevating their own vibration as a way to make the world a better place.

Yogis who use practice as a way to retreat from the world and it’s problems rather than a way to arm ourselves to confront them.

Yogis who use spirituality as just one more consumer product they can buy, soak up, and then toss by the wayside as it suits them, spraying themselves in its’ ephermal mist and never letting its’ harder teachings penetrate the skin.

As you can see, I’ve got some beef with the current mainstream yoga culture, as it were.  

So, it’s always a delight and a surprise when I come across someone who is using the practice to move counter to the culture.

Who is not so fixated on the perfect handstand, but, rather on using the physical practice to perfect their character, learn how to sit with the uncomfortable and confront injustice both inside themselves and in the world.

These are the types of conversations I love to have.

So, I was thrilled to have this talk with Carrie Ingoglia, an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher, who is the writer and producer of the podcast Yoga For the Revolution. I say more about this inside the intro of the talk, so listen up for more details about that.

Carrie and I talked about carrying the practice beyond the mat, learning how to be uncomfortable and some of the people we look to in this world of the spiritual who are also doing real-world good, as well.  

Far from a conversation with two polished, lifelong devotees & activists, what you are about to listen to is a real-life chat between two, heartfelt, imperfect women who are wanting to do better.  Who are not always certain of what the next step is, but are willing to move into the gap, nonetheless.

Like the physical practice, it is always an invitation.  To get quiet. To see where we are moving out of alignment - with our hearts, our beliefs and our calling.  And to take steps - humble, daily, faltering ones - to move out into a better way forward.

For more on Carrie, her podcast and the other great work that she does, make sure to check the show notes.  And, as always, if this chat has touched you in any way, and you want to add to the conversation, please make sure to leave a rating and review in iTunes.  

And, of course, if you haven’t already, get out there and cast your ballot.  

It’s not the be-all-end-all, of course for righting the wrongs of our culture.  

Voting doesn’t buy us a free pass to go back to whatever-ing the other 364 days of the year, right?

But it’s a start.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 47

Taking Poetic Action with Leslie Castellano


“Artists to my mind are the real architects of change, and not the political legislators who implement change after the fact. ”

William S. Burroughs

When it comes to leading lives of passion & creativity, we tend to believe in a set binary.

There are those of us - so we say - that are meant to write, paint, dance, create - make the world a bit more vivid and beautiful by our voice, our touch, our presence.

It is the work to which we are called to in this life.

Then, the same story goes - there are those who are meant to engage in matters of policy.  Civic discourse and dialogue. Who can best affect change at the structural, boardroom, nuts-and-bolts, dare I say, utterly artless side of cultural exchange.  

There are the artists.  

And then there are the policy makers.  

And ne’er shall the two entwine.  

They are made for such entirely different things in this life.
My guest today is someone who tosses this limited theory out on it’s head.

Leslie Castellano is a local performance artist, teacher, dancer & businesswoman - who also happens to be running for City Council - Ward 1, in Eureka, to be precise - this year.  

In this talk, we discuss her decision to venture out of her long-tenure as contributing artist to her local community to a person who is striving to affect policy, as well.

We talk about the intersection of Art & Politics.  

About shifting out of our individual and collective comfort zones to lobby on behalf of the type of world we want to live in - which sometimes means canvassing, making phone calls, and going door-to-door, rather than simply writing a song or creating a dance piece.  

At the heart of each of these impulses, Leslie states,  is a driving desire to care for people and build community.

Through her efforts as an activist, artist & community organizer, she longs to build a society where all people are valued.

We talk about where this impulse has taken her thus far and the places she’s venturing into just now.

I hope you’ll be inspired, as I am, by the work and presence of this wonderful woman.

She’s a reminder to me that even though we all have our designated comfort zones - we can step out of them.  

We can take on new roles, new languages & new possibilities to begin to mend the culture where we live.  

There is a place for ART.  For beauty & symbolism & delight.

And there is a place for re-writing laws and by-laws.  For upending the current structure and mapping out an entirely different system than the one we’ve known.

And there is a way to synthesize the two - so that together they - we - all of us - can THRIVE.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 46

Re-Making the Culture with Kelly Diels


Several years ago, you may have heard me mention here or there - I made the decision to step more fully into the online space.  

I came to the realization that if I was going to eke out a living for myself as an herbalist & yoga teacher, I was going to have to connect with a larger community than the one I had access to inside my small, college town.

So I started the work of learning the basics of online presence.  Marketing.  Messaging. 

Learning how to build an audience and a following so that you have some folks to share your work and services with.  

 But I ran into some issues.  


From what I could see - and still see by and large - is there’s a working model out there.  

For yogis, in particular, this model appears to be - thin, able-bodied, white-presenting, cis-gendered folks, scantily-clad in gorgeous sunlit studios, or dreamy Costa Rican beaches - doing super-duper advanced bendy things, tossing a few hashtag-blessed, hashtag-YogaEveryDamnDay type things into the mix - and then making mention of their upcoming workshop or teacher training.  

 The message embedded into the medium was - and continues to be…

“Don’t you wanna be like me?…  I’m perpetually smiling and conventionally beautiful and I live a life of opulence and ease…. Oh yeah - and I’m deeply spiritual too - you can tell this by the amazing arm-balances I do and the sanskrit terms I use.  

Sign up for my thing and find out how you can be glowy and enlightened too!!!  

Link in bio.  “


I tried to emulate this approach a for awhile.  

Take some well--constructed photographs of me in a handstand.  Me doing something nifty and bendy 

Me looking happy and smiley while hoisting my leg up past my shoulders.  

This is how you share your yoga stuff right?


But the trouble was - this stuff is just So Not Me.  

I’m not thin.  

I can’t do a vast array of incredible acrobatics with my body.

Furthermore, my own experience of yoga and long-term practice has taught me - that the true work of transformation - be it personal or collective - looks very different than a simple outward pose.  

 I wanted to tlak about the work of healing that I had experienced and that I wanted others to experience as well.

I wanted to engage a conversastion about spirituality and practice that has absolutely nothing to do with shiny, happy, people on Central American beaches.  

I wanted to extend the invitation of this practice I so loved out beyond the confines of the rich & white & bendy. 

I wanted to find a way to make the messaging about Spirituality as a way to more deeply engage with the world and it’s problems and it’s inhabitants. 

Not simply retreat from it. 

 But where was there a model I could follow there?

 Enter Kelly Diels.

Kelly is a writer & feminist marketing consultant.

Over the course of a years-long, in-depth analysis of what she saw happening in social media, she came to coin the term “Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand” & it was through this work that I first came across her.


Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand.

Sounds like a good thing right?


Turns out, as Kelly puts it, it is rather... ,

“An archetype women must comply with and embody in order to be deserving of rights and resources


A marketing strategy that leverages social status and white privilege to create authority over other women.”


In other words, the current model operating out there - not just in the yoga and wellness game - but across multiple levels of entrepreneurship - is a predatory model.  That replicates and sustains the very systems and practices that we as healers, creatives and feminists - want to take down. 

 So what’s the solution?

 Over the last year, I’ve had the great privilege of learning from Kelly and some of the other wonderful people who are a part of her community and work.  


We sat down to talk about what it looks like to move into and inhabit the online space with the same integrity and grit we bring to other areas or our work and life.  

On taking the long view - and on the power of being a continual Disruptor - saying and doing the uncomfortable things - even when it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere.  


We talked about money and vulnerability and how we create access to our work - that of healing and culture-making and transformation - to those who need it most - while still staying solvent and buoyant ourselves.

 Through my own tutelage with Kelly, I have learned that there is indeed something very wrong with the existing model.  I now have language around how to unpack it.  And furthermore - my own vision and language of a better way forward. 


It’s possible to do good, healing, transformative work in the world.

It’s possible to make a living too - and avoid the gross, predatory marketing models that we’ve absorbed.  

 The culture may be deeply broken - but we can continue to step in - and in so doing, gradually create a counter-culture of our own.  


Together  - as Ms. Diels tells us – we can thrive


A note: At the end of our conversation, Kelly mentions some upcoming offerings she has lined up - one of them being her fabulous “Little Birds & Layer Cakes” social media workshop.  I want to make mention that the date listed here inside the podcast is wrong. 

The new, revised date for this workshop will be this upcoming Saturday, October 20th.  And a little shout-out I’ve taken this workshop myself and it’s grand.  HIghly recomend.  


Take a peek at the show notes to find out more about Kelly and the work that she does and where you can find her and her culture-making work and words.  


As always, if you’ve enjoyed this talk, please take hte time to leave a review or rating in iTunes so that others can find us, as well.  


I hope you enjoy this talk.  

May it uplift and fortify you in the ways you are striving to heal and mend the world around you, too.

MEND Season 3 - Episode 45

Mama Bear



Welcome back.  

You may notice a couple changes around here

For starters, you may have logged how it’s only 1 voice you’re now hearing at the beginning of this show - instead of two.  

Yes, this means what you think it means, my friends.

My beloved friend & co-creator Anne Fricke is temporarily stepping down from her work on this show.  

She is in a season of her life - as you will hear inside this chat I ahd with her a week back - where there is much calling for her attention and her care.

And so, after much talk back and forth, she has decided to step back for a season of this podcast.  

Doing that amazing thing that women have been taught never to do - of saying No - for this moment in time - to this tiny tributary - so that she can dive deep into the other currents, maybe even Oceans of possiblity that are waiting for her to explore.  

But I’ll let her tell you more about those.

You may have noticed that there’s a slightly different through-line for the stories we’re collecting this season.  

If I had to strip it down to one enduring thought moving forward for ths show - it would be -

What do you believe?

What truths do you hold in your innermost heart?

And what actions are you taking out there in the world - to see those truths take form?

As I’ll be doing in many of the interviews to come - I asked Anne where she feels herself called to work and serve and mend right now - and in answer, as she often does, she presented us with a beautiful poem - which I hope you’ll listen through to the end to hear - it’s - as always - a full-fledged treat.  

She references the Mama Bear - & the Mama Bobcat - and which one She feels called to be at this place and time.

Preparing to share this chat with you - which you’ll find I’ve left mostly raw & unfiltered - come as you are and take what you need - I pulled a card from my favorite deck - the Animal Medicine Cards from Jamie Sams & David Carson - and it is these words I wanted to share with you….

”This can be a very difficult power totem for you to have….

It involved lessons on the use of power in leadership.

It is the ability to lead without insisting that others follow.

It is the understanding that all beings are potential leaders in their own ways.

The use and abuse of power in a postioin of influence are part of this medicine.

If she has come to you in dreams… it is a time to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where you heart takes you.  

Others may choose to follow, and the lessons will multiply.  

The pitfalls are many, but the rewards are great.”

It is with this spirit in mind, that I am pleased and tickled and honored to present to you - this - our maiden voyage of MEND Season 3.  

Thank you for sharing the journey with us.  

As always, if you resonate with what we’re sharing here and owuld like to let us know, leave us a comment or rating in iTunes.  It boosts our visibility and lets others know.

If you have thoughts or dreams or ideas or living breathing examples of people out there in the world - doing marvelous things - drop us a line and hip us to them!  You can reach us @

And keep showing up.

Keep listening.

Keep speaking

Keep roaring, moving & doing the work that is needed in this world.

We are so happy you are here.  

MEND Season 2 - Episode 44

Season Finale & Wrap-Up with Amy & Anne



It was a season begun with tea.

Sitting down to enjoy the art of conversation and contemplating what it might be like to move inside a world where we begin to value one another, this earth, beauty, thoughts, feelings, creative expression & simple self-determination - over the stingy value of a paycheck?

What would it look like to live inside a world that values it's people above it’s property?

That values it’s heart above it’s hierarchical standing in the larger world?

That values Nature above the supposed resources which it can provide us?

What would it look like to inhabit, move into, and begin to imagine a world like that?

Can we make it?

Can we find it?

Can we begin to converse & thereby imagine it into being?

These were some of the questions we set out to explore on this past season of MEND.

And so, we sat down - once more - teacups in hand - to reflect back on the conversations we’ve had.

To see what we’ve learned - how we’ve shifted - and how we can continue to move toward a future that is altogether different than the past - the present we now know.

What would it look like for two ordinary, inexpert people to begin to live differently - to uplift and inspire others to do so as well?

What if we believed these imperfect hearts and hands held some piece of the great MENDING that is needed in the world right now?

What if you belived it too?

What if we all jumped on board and rode that train to it’s completion?

Where would it lead?

Join us as we sit with these - and a few other questions - besides.

Here’s to the cups of tea we’ve shared inside this space.

And the conversations - visions - and movements - they’ve inspired - along the way


MEND Season 2 - Episode 43

Spiritual Capital

with Carolyn Baker


Everyday we are faced with the evidence of global collapse…ecosystems around the world are dying or shifting rapidly, the number of people in the world far outnumbers what the earth can support, extreme weather is becoming a regular occurrence, ice caps are melting faster than previously feared, animal and plant species are dying off daily and we humans are becoming more insistent on our technologies, our machines, our tearing away at the flesh of the earth.  

Many of us feel the pain and anguish of this deeply and often ask ourselves,

How are we to cope?

Where do we pull our resources and our energy and take a stand?

What is our work in these times?

The grief so often can be overwhelming.

There is, however, a light in the dark night of our collective soul.

Carolyn Baker is a former psychotherapist and prolific author on the subjects of resiliency, spirituality, activism and how we as humans find our way in the murky and terrifying waters of global collapse.  Through the avenues of webinars, podcasts live workshops, books, articles, one-on-one life coaching and more, she assists people in “preparing for the dire consequences of the collapse of industrial civilization and abrupt climate change.” Her long list of books, along with links to articles, programs, speaking events, upcoming classes and information on the work that she does, can be found on her website

Carolyn observes that every person walking around today is traumatized and overwhelmed by the catastrophes, the destruction, the impending doom of our world.  But she urges us to allow that grief of this to be the power of our activism.  We may not be able to avert the affects of climate change or destruction by nuclear war, but we can do our shadow work, deepen our connections to each other and to the earth…we can, and should, be of service, build bridges of humanity, create and cultivate joy in our lives…and open up to the divine… this is what we are called to do.   

MEND Season 2 - Episode 42

The Culture that We Create..

with Anne & Amy


First, let's define our terms.  

(With a little assistance from our pal, Wikipedia.) 


As in...

..."the social behavior and norms found in human societies"

As in...

..."the set of customs, traditions, and values of a society or community, such as an ethnic group or nation"...

As in...

..."the set of knowledge acquired over time"...

As in...

..."the development of a philosophical soul, ... (or) the highest possible ideal for human development"...

As in...

..."all the ways in which human beings overcome their original barbarism, and through artifice, become fully human."

As in...

..."to inhabit a place sufficiently intensive to cultivate it—to be responsible for it, to respond to it, to attend to it caringly"..

As in, something We create.  Inhabit.  Something we must be constantly tending, examining. sifting through and excavating what is useful, what is good, what is worth keeping and what is now ready to leave behind.  

This week, we sit down and ponder what is happening right now inside this country and the dominant culture there.  We look at our responses.  And examine it all through the rich and multi-faceted lens of our earlier conversation with Lyla June Johnston - poet, activist, scholar, and proud conduit of LOVE.  

What is an appropriate response to injustice?

How do we react when we feel the anger rising just beneath our skin, but in our hearts we wish to conduit peace, and lasting transformation?

How do we respond to the braided truths that we carry?  Do we abscond with the pieces of our selves and our past which we can no longer stomach?  Which we can no longer abide?  Or do we willingly and bravely turn towards them, confront them and gently start to shift the way the tide is turning?  

Apologies, in advance for the sound recording herein.  As usual, we had some kerfuffles with technology and ended up just sharing this conversation as is - A phone call between friends.  Two women, shooting from the hip, and speaking from the heart.  Grappling with the questions.  Somehow attempting to live our way - with you - into an Answer.  


MEND Season 2 - Episode 41

Cultural Capital

with Lyla June


Welcome to another episode of MEND.

As I sit here, recording these words, we’re just coming off a week of watching the daily news unfold around the horrendous proceedings around the border.  

Photographs and stories of children being ripped from their mother’s breast.

Taken, after an arduous journey from their own, war-torn countries, seeking a better life here - being told that their young child is being taken for a bath and then, instead, placed inside a cage or shuffled into the foster system somewhere.  

We are horrified and outraged at what is happening inside this country at this moment - and yet.

And yet.

We are reminded that this is nothing new.

That this is a country that was founded upon slavery.

Upon the systematic genocide and oppression of native peoples.

And while - to our privileged gaze - these atrocities seem like a great departure from our stated values of “justice and liberty for all”, to native people and people of color - they have known that this supposed liberty has only existed for a ruling and privileged few - and usually come at great cost to many.

For this episode, we are greatly honored to welcome Lyla June.

Lyla June is a poet, musician, human ecologist, public speaker and community organizer of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (tee-say-say-es-ta-hees) (Cheyenne) and European lineages. Her dynamic, multi-genre performance and speech style has invigorated and inspired audiences across the globe towards personal, collective and ecological healing. Her messages focus on Indigenous rights, supporting youth, inter-cultural healing, historical trauma and traditional land stewardship practices. She blends her undergraduate studies in human ecology at Stanford University, her graduate work in Native American Pedagogy at University of New Mexico, and the indigenous worldview she grew up with to inform her perspectives and solutions. Her internationally acclaimed performances and speeches are conveyed through the medium of prayer, hip-hop, poetry, acoustic music and speech. Her personal goal is to grow closer to Creator by learning how to love deeper.

We sat down to speak Culture - and the capital of culture-making, taking, and appropriation with Lyla.

As someone who can speak firsthand to the long-ranging effects of discrimination, oppression, cruelty and genocide… we were blown away by the way in which this amazing woman continued to steer the conversation back toward the themes of Love, Forgiveness, collective healing & Restorative Justice.

At a moment in time, where we may be feeling numbed by the sheer volume of abhorrent news coming at us.

At a moment where we may be feeling collectively overwhelmed and overtaken by feelings of rage or hatred, Lyla June issues forth a clarion call.

To not get stuck inside the hatred.

To not dwell inside the wound.

To not let ourselves go numb.

But rather, to rally ourselves and what capital and currency we carry - in song, prayer, ceremony, or protest - and to walk deeper into this fray.

Armed with our songs.

Armed with our love.

Armed with our vision and deep, abiding wish for a world that looks altogether different than the one we now currently inhabit.

We are honored to share this talk with you today.

The words and story of a woman who had every right to dwell inside the pain and inherited anguish of a colonized and brutalized people.

But who has chosen to live her life as a means of glorious, powerful & heartfelt protest.

May her words and vision inspire you.

And help us to move together toward a culture and a world that may exist only now as a dream or a song.


Thanks, as always, for being here.