We believe it is through our stories that we heal.


Collectively.  And individually, as well.  

Each of us holds one small thread of the larger tapestry - the unfolding Human Story.  

And perhaps, together - by sharing, listening, telling and bearing witness to the truths we all contain - we can mend the small corner we've been granted.  

We can gradually - one tale a time - stitch the pieces back together.

So join us.

Pull up a chair.

Pour a glass.

And listen.



Who are these gals?

Get to know the voices behind the Mic.  

The poet, the mama(s), the wayward Anthropologist & the lapsed drama-geek.

The Vision & the Vim that brings us to your ears.

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Season Two

Welcome back!

This season we are fanning out beyond the local cannabis community.  We are looking forward, going broader and deeper to ask how we can redefine our wealth and the value we bring to our world.  

Toward that end, we’re borrowing an idea form the world of Permaculture - & the 8 Forms of Capital, and applying this framework to the stories we unveil.

We are highlighting folks who are using what resources they have - things like time, creativity, skills, knowledge, or beauty - to enrich the communities of which they play a part.

We’ll also be looking at ways in which we, too, can bring what we have to the table.  Fostering the changes we wish to see - in ways both big and small.  

Welcome to the conversation.